Laundromat tips – Introducing the “Washing Wisdom” series!

Everyone’s been doing laundry since we moved out of Mom and Dad’s house. You’d think with all those years of doing laundry that there’s nothing left to learn… Even though laundry is the second oldest profession, there continues to be new technology and techniques that you may not know about. Once in a while we’ll share a tip with you to make the most of your laundromat experience – it’s the “Washing Wisdom” series!

The laundromat dilemma: Top load washers vs. Front load washers

What to use at your local laundromat? That is the question… Both are great machines and will get the job done, but there are times when one is better. In general, front load washing machines are gentler on your clothes, have increased capacity, clean better, use less resources and are more ergonomic. Because of the tumbling action, garments aren’t being stretched as they are with the twisting action of the top loader’s agitator. This tumbling helps remove more dirt and stains because the clothes actually see more agitation despite being more gentle. Additionally, because of the design of a front load washer less than half the amount of water is used compared to a top load washer. Lastly, because you input the clothes into the machine from the front there’s less bending over and picking up – makes a difference when washing something big and bulky…

So if front load washers are gentler, have a larger capacity, clean better, are more Eco-friendly and easier to use, then why even have top load washers? Well, top load washers still have their place… We would recommend using a top load washer when you really want to submerge your clothes in water and have a small load. What we would recommend against though is filling a top load washer to capacity. While the clothes will be completely submerged in water, the bulk and weight of a full load will prevent the top load washer from properly agitating the clothes and thus they won’t cleaned as well. Additionally, the agitator will stretch out clothes in a full load as the clothes don’t have space to float around. The other reason why people use top load washers is because they’re used to them and just plain like them. If that’s you, then rock on – America is about choices and that’s why at Balboa Bubbles we offer both top load and front load washers.

If you have any laundromat tips you’d like to share or have a question or request, then feel free to write us here.

Stay tuned for more Washing Wisdom laundromat tips…

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